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The Deep Customer Connection survey is an industry standard for P&C carriers who want to excel and win more business from independent agents.

Clients progress down a clear path to organic growth when they leverage DCC expertise through three key stages:

1 RESEARCH your competitive position

2 PRIORITIZE your opportunities for growth

3 DEVISE & DEPLOY effective growth initiatives

Each engagement begins with our proprietary Agent Business Indicator® model. Refined over more than a decade and validated by 3.6 million data points from 72,000+ independent P&C agent interactions, this model identifies and quantifies 11 factors that influence agents to write more business with P&C carriers. The model also defines the research and analysis processes used to apply this intelligence to your competitive situation.

Quantify Your Competitive Position

Get the facts. As independent and impartial analysts, we work with your agents to meticulously measure your performance—in 11 key factors—relative to the competitors they recommend most to policy holders. Because agents trust Deep Customer Connections to maintain confidentiality, they offer frank comments that add both focus and depth to the quantitative data.

Together, these metrics allow us to calculate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses at a granular and actionable level of detail.

Pinpoint Your Top Growth Opportunities

Know where to grow. With fresh competitive metrics in hand, our skilled analysts examine the facts, cross-tabulate variables, and follow threads that suggest underlying trends. With a keen grasp of your unique market dynamics, we uncover and prioritize specific opportunities to fuel your growth potential.

Strategize with Reliable Metrics

Focus on priorities. Our proven research process delivers targeted, comprehensive analytics that you can trust to be complete, accurate, and free of unintentional bias. With hard facts to feed your strategic planning process, your entire team will quickly reach consensus on your top priorities for organic growth.

Deploy Results-Oriented Growth Initiatives

Transform your metrics into actionable plans. Our extensive experience with carrier-agent strategies and in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and trends will guide your team in devising successful initiatives that deploy resources as efficiently as possible.

Validate Technology Requirements

See inside the black box. Technology is arguably one of the most challenging areas for P&C carriers to manage. Sharpen your IT vision with objective, real-world ratings on how well your technology — compared to your direct competitors — helps agents do business.

Paired with qualitative analysis of agent comments, DCC data can help you differentiate between "high impact" and "technologically cool".

Align Entire Organization Behind Priorities

Your executive team can count on us to give them the tools they need to engage all employees in reaching your goals.

Together we'll make the facts easy for each stakeholder group to digest and apply to their daily activity. Even our agent comment reports are sorted by line of business, region, and other variables so individuals can focus on data relevant to them.

The numbers point the way. Rely on data from Deep Customer Connections to create and sustain your competitive advantage.

"The functionality of the results is outstanding! We received an abundance of competitive insights that highlighted very specific strengths and weaknesses." - Bruce G. Kelley,
President & CEO
EMC Insurance Companies

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